Blewbury WI have decided that it’s ‘Charity of the Year’ should be Blewshed.  Profit from raffles or events will be given to Blewshed which held is in the old scout hut off the Sports field adjacent to Savages.  More information on the Blewbury App.  All welcome, ladies and men alike.

Blewbury WI meets every month, usually the 4th Wednesday of the month, usually in the Vale Room of the Village Hall, Heather Way, Blewbury, OX119QQ.  Sometimes it can be elsewhere in the Village, so keep an eye on these pages or ring a committee member for info.

  • We have approximately 55 members, different ages, backgrounds, interests etc.  We have a speaker almost every month, always interesting and thought provoking.
  • We have some informal “spin off” groups, walking, craft, science lectures, garden visits, scrabble & mah jong, theatre trips, meals out!
  • We embrace the WI ethic of friendship, support, education and supporting our local community.
  • Membership is currently £42 per year (2019) which gives you 11 meetings with refreshments all included.  As well as this, there are numerous free activities as well as loads of discount price theatre trip, nice pub lunches etc.  Great value, great friendship! If you join part way through the year, you pay pro-rata (so halfway through the year is half an annual Subs).
  • Our Secretary is Kath B.  
  • Our email is blewburywi@gmail.com
  • or telephone on  01235 851914 or 01235 851299

The committee 2019/20 comprises:  Maggie, Sharon, Kath B, Helen M, Cilla, Morwenna, Joan, Sandra, Shirley D, Lyn, Doreen and Trish.  Many thanks to all of them for making us such a fab WI…….

Look at “Our Programme”  & other drop down tabs, to see whats going on!

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